Youth Soccer

League Coordinator: Rhea Deyo   [email protected]

WYSR Soccer will be participating this season in the Civic League. This is a league in which other area's recreational teams participate, they consist of Harpursville, Port Dick, Port Crane, Harpursvillec, etc. 

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2019 Fall Registration is now OPEN!
WYSR Soccer FAQ's:

When can I register my child to play soccer?  Early May - Mid-August annually

If I register and pay online, do I also need to send in a paper form? No, you can register your player(s) and pay their registration fees via theTeamSnap registration process from our website: With the new Teamsnap Registration, you can register more than one player at a time as long as it’s for the same league. Select the ‘Register’ tab, or you can go to your league’s page and select the online registration form. Your online registrations and payment are immediately received and your player(s) are considered registered for the league. Paper registrations are also still accepted by mailing this completed form and registration fee payable to WYSR at the following address: PO Box 412 Windsor, NY 13865. NOTE: All players within the appropriate age ranges are eligible to play, regardless of their school district. Registration fees do not change based on whether or not you live in the Town of Windsor.

What do the U6, U8, U10 &U12 levels mean for soccer? Typically, U6 = PreK/K, U8 = 1st/ 2nd, U10 = 3rd/4th, U12 = 5th/6th. 

Are refunds available? Refunds can be issued pre-season only. Refunds may be either refunded to your card if registration was paid online, or by check.

What if I register after the cut off Date in August? We strongly encourage you to register as far in advance of the cut off as possible. This allows us to build fair teams, recruit the proper number of coaches and order jerseys timely. If you register after that date, your player will be rostered with the next available team and if we can't plan coaching appropriately, teams become very large and playing time diminishes.

When are Practices held? That is at the discretion of the coaches. Typically, weeknights 5:30pm or later but there may be an occasional weekend practice if needed. There will be typically 2-3 practices per week early in the season and minimally 1 per week once games begin in early September.

When are the Soccer Games? Depending on your level, games are Tues, Thurs and/or Sunday afternoons. We are now part of the local Civic Soccer League, along with Chenango Bridge, Harpursville, Hillcrest & Port Crane and Whitney Point – the commissioner of that league sets the schedule. Only U8, U10 and U12 teams play in the league, Windsor U6 teams are instructional and will scrimmage amongst themselves on weeknights.

Are we using TeamSnap? We will again use the team snap application to communicate information regarding practice schedules, games time/dates, set reminders, parents can let coaches know player availability, as well as a host of other information. Please download this free app to your phone in advance of the season so that you can always be “in the know”! You may also sign up & access teamsnap online at If you do not have a smart phone, or internet access, let your league coordinator or coach know and they’ll be sure you have the information you need.

Who can I contact with questions? You can always send general questions to [email protected] at any time on any topic related to the WYSR. For Soccer inquiries; Rhea Deyo at 237-3696 or Kait Safranek at 316-1018