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Maybe you played a sport in school that you loved, maybe you have a passion for a sport, but never played. Perhaps you weren't an athlete, but you relate and can communicate very well with children.... or maybe you just want to spend quality time with your child and their team.  If ANY of these pertain to you, then you CAN be a COACH! Coaches all have different styles, motivation methods, patience levels, communication skills and knowledge of the sport.  Do not be deterred from coaching because you never played a sport, we can provide resources for you to make that aspect of coaching easier. 

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Coaching Application & Code of Conduct
WYSR Program expectations for our youth sports coaches:
  • The coach puts player safety above all else;
  • The coach teaches, models and demands respectful behavior, fairness and good sportsmanship;
  • The coach insists on proper sideline behavior by parents;
  • The coach sets realistic, age appropriate expectations for athletes;
  • The coach understands gender differences but avoids reinforcing culturally-based gender stereotypes;
  • The coach Is patient, stays calm and never loses his/her cool;
  • The coach doesn't unnecessarily intrude on the learning process during practices and games, knows when to teach, emphasizes the positive, makes practices fun and teaches that sports are as much about having fun than about winning;
  • The coach Is sociable, empathetic and has good communication skills.
  • The coach adjusts their coaching style to fit the individual and team. Like a good teacher, the coach gets to know the players as individuals, is sensitive to their needs, both in sports and their personal lives, understands what works and doesn't work to motivate an individual player to do his or her best, and helps them learn new skills.